What drives Tesla's stock up and down ? Lot more than just Elon Musk's tweets.

A brief history of TESLA stock and exploring the reasons behind the company's notoriously volatile stock price

Why this project ?

TESLA was founded less than two decades ago. In automotive industry that is very very young. But despite that, TESLA is valued so much higher than the well established giants of the automotive industry. Adding to that, the company's stock is notoriously volatile often gaining and losing by significant margin on daily basis. This naturally raises the question of why TESLA's stock is valued so high and what drives its stock price up and down so drastically ? This report attempts to answer these questions by exploring the history of TESLA stock.

Key observations from data

  • Unlike for most other companies, TESLA's superstar CEO Elon Musk does seem to possess unusually high influence of company's stock price. But in reality, what really drives TESLA stock up and down is the company's profitability, financials, quarterly performances and constantly revised valuations by Wall Street experts.


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  • Historical data for TESLA stock was obtained from Yahoo Finance.